Naxos Island

Myriad Experiences Await You

Naxos Island is a large island where you’ll find beautiful beaches, valleys and mountains. The golden beaches which include Agios Georgios, Agia Anna, and Agios Prokopis Plaka seem to go on forever.

The island is located near the middle part of the Aegean Sea. Naxos Island has been famous since ancient times mainly because of its fertility or productiveness. Naxos Island has gorgeous villages such as Chora, Apiranthos, Apollonas, Tripodes, Melanes and Glinados.

There is also stunning architecture throughout the island. Many of the buildings and monuments are from the Venetian times when Naxos Greece was under Venetian rule. You can follow the walking paths throughout Naxos which lead to beaches, virgin gardens and many historical and archaeological sites.

History and culture is very valued on Naxos Island and the people live their life with a combination of tradition and present. Their traditions started in the mountains, valleys and fishing harbors. There’s a variety of events that show the kind of life on this island such as concerts, photography, sculpture, theatre and much more. Traditional Greek music is played at many different places. There are traditional Greek restaurants but also Chinese, Italian and Mexican.

Activities you may enjoy are Catamaran sailing on a yacht in the sailing area of the Aegean Sea. This island is very popular for windsurfing and has ideal wind conditions. Their windsurfing school with certified surf instructors is a place where you can learn to windsurf. Naxos Island is a wonderful place to take a vacation.